Sam’s Birth

I have had the unique opportunity to work with the midwives of Sacred Song Home birth both professionally as a birth photographer and personally with my 4th baby being born at home after 3 hospital births. 

My very first time working with them at a homebirth , I was immediately struck by the comfort of the birth space. I felt safe in that space with my birth client and I was overwhelmed with how normal this was for an option of giving birth. The midwives allowed mom to move freely and encouraged her to listen to her baby and her body. They were both professional and kind. As well as comforting like a long time friend. My heart was forever changed that day , so much so I vowed if I was blessed with a 4th baby I would choose homebirth with Sacred Song. 

January of 2019 I had my 4th baby at home and it was the most normal, fantastic, mind blowing and powerful moment of my life. They helped me through almost 3 weeks of prodromal labor episodes with such understanding and comfort. When the day finally came I could not have been more pleased with all their support! My baby boy came quicker than anyone expected , but I really attribute Sacred Songs level of care throughout my pregnancy that I knew exactly what to do and I was not scared or nervous. They walked into my home and a few minutes later my baby was born! Thank you to Amber and Katie for all that you do , because it’s amazing! 

Photography by Heather Sears