Miliano’s Birth

My homebirth experience with Sacred Song Homebirth was beyond wonderful. It’s an experience that can never fully be put into words. The love and energy that I had at my birth was so radiant and strong that you could feel it from miles away. Amber and Katie had grown to not only become my midwives, but they both also became part of my tribe, a sacred friendship that I grew to trust and love. I felt safe and free to do whatever my body was telling me to do while bringing my handsome baby earth-side. I was showered with an insane amount of love, courage, and empowerment from start to finish when it came to my birth. Amber and Katie carried themselves with such a calm, knowledgeable demeanor that it took away all worries while in labor and really allowed me to focus on myself and my baby. They never once pushed me to do anything that I didn’t want to do, but instead, simply let me lead in every step of the way. The day I had my baby with Sacred Song Homebirth was the day I truly felt empowered not only as a woman, but as a strong mother who was educated enough and cared for perfectly to be strong and fearless to bring a child into the world the way my body intended.