Pax’s Birth Story

This was our third water birth at home and so thankful we have been able to do birth how I’ve dreamed of since I was 6 years old.

PaxTo think labor started a few hours after dinner last Thursday and then he arrived just about 5 hours later. Both of the girls’ labors spanned off and on over 3 days so we planned the same for Pax. Our midwife and DEAR friend, Amber (helped us birth Lyla, too, known her more over 20 years) lives a distance from  us so when I started having regular contractions I couldn’t talk/walk through we wondered if we should call her. I prayed for a “sign” since we didn’t want her driving all the way down to us and still have 2 more days of laboring. GOD blessed us with a sign lol because all of the sudden I had lots of bloody show. Mitch immediately let Amber know she needed to get here soon, that was at 9:30 PM. Amber arrived at 1:10 AM and LITERALLY as she walked into the house I felt my water break (first time for me since both girls were born in their water bags!) and I called out to her, “I think my water just broke?!”

Thankfully, Mitch had already filled the tub and I figured why not get in and relax…ugh, not this time like the girls lol! Contractions became SUPER crazy intense and I remember sharing with GOD, “you’re gonna have to help me, Lord, because this is crazy stuff and I can’t do this without you!” And sure enough, felt the urge to push, felt his head halfway pass through and asked Amber to help. She saw the cord was wrapped around his neck once, freed him, one more push and he was out at 2:30 AM. We were all shocked, it was so fast! I was so happy it was over.

Mitch was and always is my hero during birth (and life) and his tender kiss just sealed the sacredness of Pax’s birth, that our love created this precious life. And then we just gazed awestruck joyfully at him. We are just so humbled and amazed at GOD’s design in birth and His sweet, comforting presence each time.