Layla’s Birth

We knew we wanted to do a home birth and after a few minutes in to our first meeting with Sacred Song knew we had found our midwives! The prenatal visits were very thorough, not rushed and answered all our questions. My water broke around 7:30am Wednesday March 21, 2018 a couple of days past my “due date” and contractions started right away. I sent my husband to work and labored on my own for a while thinking I had a long day ahead. Things got more intense and I was so grateful when my mom arrived from Iowa around 11:30am. My husband came home shortly after and helped get the room set up. We were in frequent communication with the midwives and they knew things were picking up. Amber arrived to our home around 1:00pm, my vitals were good as well as baby’s so we filled up the tub and I began to labor there. Katie and Beth arrived shortly after and you never would have known their presence. Everyone was calm and quiet letting me labor. I alternated between the tub and walking in our room but found the most comfort in the water. 

The gentle coaching of the midwives and my husband helped guide me through the two, long hours of pushing. Our sweet babe’s head was at a slight angle and definitely took some work to get out. My husband caught her at 4:53pm and we began to soak up our beautiful little girl. The post-partum care immediately after birth and the days/weeks to follow were unbelievable! It was so nice to not leave our home and have the piece of mind that myself and our newborn were in such good hands. We are looking forward to other births with Sacred Song!