Judd’s Birth

For my first pregnancy, my husband and I decided we wanted a homebirth. I met with several midwives, but clicked with the team at Sacred Song the best. As a first time mom, I had lots of questions. Amber and Katie were always willing to listen and take the time to answer. My prenatal care was personal and top notch. I could call or text if I was worried and someone was always great at getting back to me!

My labor ended up being about 25 hours from my water breaking and first contractions to baby’s arrival. Even in the early stages, before the midwives came, we were texting and calling about how I was feeling, suggestions for labor, and more. Though labor was tough, I am so grateful I had such a knowledgeable and supportive team! They helped me move positions, cope with the pain, and Amber even rubbed my leg when it cramped while in the birth tub! When my son arrived (stubborn as he was), it was peaceful and perfect! Thank you so much for helping bring Judd earthside with love and kindness!