Janelle’s Birth

Dear Amber,

You are an angel for pregnant and birthing mothers. You help to bring peace and love to this world by allowing babies to be born at home, in the loving atmopshere of your care. Life starts at the first breath and how lucky a baby is that get’s his first breath after a gentle and caring birth. You truly help to make the world a better place one birth at a time.

My baby is now so peaceful, dreamy, and calm–I am sure it is linked to her birth. I have read quotes about how there would be an end to wars and violence if only babies were born in a loving atmosphere.

During my birth, your trust and assurance in me were what got me through. You never showed doubt–you appeared so sure, so calm, so confident that I could birth my baby. I am grateful forever (as is my baby) for your trusting and calm attitude throughout my pregnancy and birth. I couldn’t have expected better care. During my birth, the second stage was so difficult, but it was perfect and I feel extremely blessed that I was able to have my baby at home, in my control, and without any drugs to deaden the sensations. You are so much more than a midwife–but a saint that helps bring love and peace! Thank you for being brave, trusting, calm, reassuring, loving, and patient. It is not an understatement to say that you have deeply impacted my life and my child’s life forever, in a very positive way. And you do this for all your mamas!

Sabana and I will miss seeing you at our regular appointments : )