Birth Stories

Here are some birth stories from our homebirth families. If you would like your story included, please contact us to let us know.

Kellah’s Birth

Since Coralyn’s birth was so amazing, we wanted to have a natural birth again when we found out we were pregnant with Kellah. The whole experience was simply fabulous, and I would love for everyone to have a birth story like Kellah’s!

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Eliza’s Birth Story

It had been a pretty normal Saturday. I had some mild menstrual-like cramps while Michael was showering, but nothing more serious. I napped for a couple hours and started texting with Michael. A little after 10pm, I asked him when the next band break was. I was beginning to realize that the mild menstrual cramps I’d been feeling were perhaps a little more noteworthy than they had been.

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Janelle’s Birth

Dear Amber,

You are an angel for pregnant and birthing mothers. You help to bring peace and love to this world by allowing babies to be born at home, in the loving atmopshere of your care. Life starts at the first breath and how lucky a baby is that get’s his first breath after a gentle and caring birth. You truly help to make the world a better place one birth at a time.

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The Birth of Zelie

My first two birthing experiences were with Nurse Midwives that work in a hospital. My experiences were not at all what you expect when the term Midwife is used. Both times and with two different Nurse Midwives at two different hospitals they used Pitocin to start my labors because my water had spontaneously ruptured at home and my labor did not progress. Nurse Midwives still follow a 24 hour guideline even if they are slightly more loose about it than Obstetricians.

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