In 2006 my very first child was welcomed into the world by the loving hands of a midwife! Growing up I had been introduced to homebirth as normal and never even considered a different place to have my babies. Although I didn’t know it then, I had taken for granted the freedom I had to give birth at home.

It was only 8 months later that we had another baby on the way, and this is when my path to becoming a midwife began! We were living in a different state since having our first baby and were shocked to find out that having a homebirth there was illegal. I carefully researched my options, but none of them included delivering at home with a midwife. After months of anguish over our situation, we ultimately decided to travel the 24 hour drive back to our home state to have our baby in our family’s home. It was then that I became passionate about homebirth and midwives for others and not just myself. I got involved with the homebirth movement in the state, attended legislative sessions, educated representatives, and increased my knowledge about birth and midwifery along the way. Our family went on to travel out of state to have our third and fourth babies as well.

Our next relocation landed us in Kansas and officially brought an end to our long distance deliveries. It was also then that we saw God setting plans into motion for me to become a midwife, and in 2010 I attended my first birth and began my midwifery education. I was also blessed to find Amber as our midwife for my next pregnancy, which would lead to my apprenticeship with her beginning in the spring of 2013. During my training I attended 75 births, satisfied all requirements from the North American Registry of Midwives, and also had my sixth baby (at home!). I passed the NARM exam in March of 2015 earning my CPM credential and am excited to continue serving moms and babies along side Amber!

I am supported by my awesome husband of 9 years and our six (homebirthed) kiddos who help me keep it all together. My days are blessed and kept busy with homeschooling, homemaking, and chasing babies!