About Us

Amber and Katie
Amber and Katie and a beautiful Sacred Song baby.

We are so happy that you are interested in learning more about home birth with Sacred Song Homebirth! It is such an honor to work with families during this very special time in their lives.

We specialize in trauma informed care and welcome all families. During the prenatal period we strive to fully know each family which establishes a close relationship of trust.

We are passionate about serving families and empowering them to have natural, safe and peaceful births. We serve women in both Kansas and Missouri, focusing on the Kansas City metro area. You can learn more about the services we provided here.

It is our goal to be non-invasive and unobtrusive during labor and birth. Some moms want lots of hands on support and encouragement and others only need a quiet presence sitting in the room. We practice individualized care, recognizing that each pregnancy and birth are unique, and we practice informed disclosure because we believe that parents make the ultimate decisions about their care.

Our midwives are trained to identify and refer women who require obstetrical care. Although we have a very low transfer rate, sometimes women need to birth in a hospital. In the rare event that you are transferred to the hospital, your midwife will attend as your doula.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a consultation.

Contact us with any questions at 913-735-5259

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